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Lockton Charitable Association Awards

We launched the Lockton Charitable Association Awards in November to support charities that are important to our associates. We were looking to give up to 6 donations of £500 to UK registered charities supported by Lockton associates. This support could be in the form of voluntary work, fundraising or the charity itself supporting an associate.

We had a large amount of excellent entries and it was very difficult to get this down to the winners list. Over the next few weeks I hope to update you on the successful applications.

Our third charity award was nominated by Allison Hussain for a local Scottish charity - Give a Dog a Bone.

“I have been involved with this amazing and unique charity as a volunteer for several years now. The charity was set up with the aim of tackling loneliness in the over 60's and the rising number of animals in rescue centres. They are now opening their 2nd community centre which offers a free drop in for the over 60s to come and have a chat and some companionship, free classes and group dog walks.

The following info says it best:

Give a Dog a Bone… and an animal a home' is a small, unique and award-winning charity that helps the over 60's to afford a rescue pet companion – tackling loneliness in our ageing years and the rising number of animals experiencing homelessness.”

As we enter into our 5th financial year, we have big plans around the charity, it's growth and how we can reach more people, and rescue animals, who need our help!! Recent statistics published by Age UK highlight a concern that older people can regularly go up to one month without speaking to anyone. As so many elderly individuals live alone, a pet can be an important source of company and affection. They also provide routine, encourage exercise and can give someone a sense of purpose.”

£500 has been gratefully received by Give a Dog a Bone, founder Louise Russell along with Max and Cooper pictured above!

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