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Lockton Charitable Association Awards

We launched the Lockton Charitable Association Awards in November to support charities that are important to our associates. We were looking to give up to 6 donations of £500 to UK registered charities supported by Lockton associates. This support could be in the form of voluntary work, fundraising or the charity itself supporting an associate.

We had a large amount of excellent entries and it was very difficult to get this down to the winners list. Over the next few weeks I hope to update you on the successful applications.

The second one is Breast Cancer Care, nominated by Lauren Reeves

Lauren submitted: “Breast Cancer Care are such an extremely important charity to me as you may have read recently from my 'This is Me' story.

This was an a very hard time for me as I have undergone 5 surgeries, IVF, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. A nurse recommended that I speak to Breast Cancer Care because they can put you in contact with other women that have also had breast cancer. This was extremely helpful to me because I could ask them any personal questions that only a cancer patient would know.

They also organised a weekend away in London for around 40+ women to attend sessions and seminars about reconstruction, menopause, personal relationships pre-/post cancer, self-confidence, diet & nutrition and had leading scientists to help us understand what research they are currently undergoing to try and find a cure. I found that the whole weekend gave me a huge boost, as I have made friends for life with women that have gone through similar experiences to myself.

When I finished my treatment, to show my gratitude to the charity, I ran the race for life raising £4,000 and also a sky dive in New Zealand which raised £800, thanks to the help of my colleagues at Lockton.

This charity really means a lot to me and I am very grateful for the generous donation on behalf of Lockton.”

£500 is on its way to Breast Cancer Care!

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