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Kevin Culliney's Chemo Challenge

Kevin Culliney's Chemo Challenge

““As I write this I am sitting comfortably receiving the last of ten doses of chemo therapy. Cancer rather barges into your life and is a bully of a disease. It comes with a reputation but like all bullies it needs you to stand up to it, take it seriously by all means but treat it with the contempt it deserves.

The support offered by so many at Lockton to Children with Cancer has been more of a support than you can know. Many years ago, before all of the wonderful advances in medicine we have now, cancer blundered into the life of my eight year old sister and ended her life aged nine after a painful struggle.

Today in large part thanks to the great work done by Children with Cancer, specialist treatment is saving the lives of thousands of children like my sister and as importantly is finding less harmful ways to deliver that treatment, easing the suffering that chemo wreaks and bringing faster recovery.

In total you have helped raise over £15,000 for this great charity. Feel proud of that and please accept my most sincere thanks.”

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