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Christ Scrivner writes “Last Thursday, Lockton London hosted a charity gin evening, organised by Angela Rapley-Green, Nadine Jenkins, Tom Hawkins and Chris Scrivner. It involved tasting a selection of gins, starting with an introduction from the team at Jensens, on their London Dry, distilled in Bermondsey, followed by an Old Tom, then a blind tasting between Tanqueray No 10 and Lidl's finest and culminating in a MalfyGin, which is distilled with juniper and lemons from the Italian coast. As an added treat, all attendees could then select their favourite gin for another tipple

As can be evidenced from the photo, a great time was had by all, associates were very generous in buying the raffle tickets, and including the monies raised from the raffle, I am pleased to advise that £1,100 was raised for the Alzheimer's Charity!

With special thanks to Mandy in catering who went above and beyond the call of duty.”

Thank you to all involved!

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