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Children with Cancer

On 5th September, Adam Wenn from our London Finance team will be swimming the channel for Children with Cancer UK – a first for a Lockton charitable event!

Adam writes:

“This September I will be attempting a solo swim across the English Channel and will be raising money for the great cause- Children with Cancer UK.

All going well the swim will be around 40 to 50 km and will take somewhere between 10 to 14 hours.

The water temperature typically varies between 13 and 18c, with this hot summer we have been having I'm hopeful that it will be at the upper end of that scale!

The rules are very strict- no wetsuits allowed just speedos and no stopping/ touching the boat at any point in the swim!

Thank you all for your support!”

This is a first for a Lockton charitable event - Please support Adam, any donations would be greatly appreciated

Good luck!

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