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A Big Pot

Kevin Culliney and Healthcare are leading a foodbank initiative to help homeless charities including the Soup Kitchen this Christmas. The team will be supplying food and donations to three different charities initially, Kevin writes:

“Around 350,000 people in The UK are homeless and last year 11,000 regularly slept rough. In normal times there are 432 shelters and soup kitchens in London providing showers, clothes and a hot meal. Sadly during Covid less than 30 facilities remain open.

In addition between April and September this year over 200,000 parcels were given out at foodbanks in London alone to families who simply can’t afford to buy the food they need .

It’s sometimes difficult to know where to start but every Wednesday between now and Christmas Lockton Healthcare together with Ariadna Concierge are going to deliver 30 meals to the Brixton Soup Kitchen. Last week we cooked Biryani, this week it‘s going to be sausage casserole and vegetable soup. Stir-frys and pasta dishes are on future menus.

In speaking to a few shelters they need help with some basic supplies: soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, sanitary products, toilet rolls, sleeping bags and blankets. We don't want to do a general charity donation, we want to buy what is needed and deliver it straight to the shelters for distribution to the homeless. We also want to do what we can to stock some of the foodbanks, particularly those feeding the rough sleepers.

Via the Lockton Charitable Association we will ensure that all donations are ring fenced and then liaise with shelters to purchase what they need and distribute it to those who need it most. Initially we will be working with:

The Brixton Soup Kitchen

The Marylebone Project -Women’s shelter


It’s a drop in the ocean but with your help between now and Christmas we can make a difference.”

Please donate to the Big Pot here:

Thank you!

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